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Halperin not only dedicated to the manufacture of 
farms and barns. From some years we have 
developed area of major projects. 
Our technical expertise allows us to deliver a 
solution according to the project to make.
bullet   We develop special projects for 
  private and government companies.
bullet   Complete production systems, Farms, 
  Feed Mills, Storage Grains.
bullet   Total Consulting productive 
  administrative and business.
halperin Hatchery, Riojanas Farms,
  La Rioja, Argentina
The plant covers an area of ​​2100 m2 of building itself of Incubatorio
and 120 m2 of offices and ancillary facilities such as changing rooms
and multiple uses. The plant was designed for its next expansion so
the shed is ready and armed to its final dimension and when it is in
use 70% of the floor space being closed with panels and giving the
possibility of retrofitting space commensurate the requirements.
Halperin La Rioja
Halperin La Rioja   ver
halperin Storage Plant and Feed Mill,
  Turen - Portuguesa, Venezuela
Storage Plant: cereal, 8 Ton silos of 2500 ton each one
Flour cell, of 6000 tons
Feed Mill Plant 60 ton / hour
Final Product Silos of 980 ton Additional Facilities:
Balance, school and offices, toilets
Halperin Turen
halperin Turen   ver galeria
halperin Premises for Latin American Poultry Exhibition,
  Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia
This building was designed exclusively to house the exhibition of Latin American Congress
of Santa Cruz de la Sierra in 2003. It was built on the grounds of Hotel Los Tajibos were
10,000 m2, designed under the concept of building and equipment to recreate poultry
house tunnel ventilation. In over 150 exhibitors and was visited in the three-day event for
over 4000 people.
halperin Bolivia
Halperin Bolivia   halperin
Alem 1051 Bernal - Quilmes, Pcia de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Tel.:/Fax: (54-11) 4252-4043 / 4301-4044